Monday, November 8, 2010


Next challenge --  use monthly kit club (old or new) and make 2 layouts and 1 card!  GO!!  Kit contents must make up 80% of what's on the projects.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Now that is fugly

Heres what I came up with.. Anniversary photo.. sparkle on the stamp image showing the red... cream journal box, I used transparency letters baby.. backed on sweet blue pattern paper.. and some threads for a touch.. Don't forget that happening ribbon by the "title?" 
OK yeah, that was actually fun.. but I did notice. .I chose blue to go with my layout.. but peach is an orange.. and well orange and blue are complementary colors.. so I guess that is just in my blood.. can't help it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

JONI - FUGLY Challenge #5 see challenge #5 below...and here is mine...I USED ALL of the elements....

SPARKLY - (Stickles)

I did realize that I used a photo of Joseph which is technically cute and not FUGLY...but at least I picked a bad photo...and do note that I spelled the title incorrectly (on purpose)....  It was actually kinda difficult to purposefully put things where they DON'T BELONG!!!

Challenge #5 - FUGLY CHALLENGE we have a challenge at another board that reads like this:

Use Peach and Cream OR do an anniversary layout -- use ribbon or something sparkly.

HUH???  --- So Erika & their teasing each other way, decided to do a FUGLY version of this challenge for the next JAKE challenge.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Challenge #5 ---

Challenge #5....enjoy our vacations...our summers...etc.
In our minds or journals, document the month of July.....then in AUGUST, our challenge is to do a specific layout about July or something we did in July.  (Easy Peasy, huh?)
So, we're basically on a break here...ok?

Challenge #4 - Joni

I used Cosmo Material Girl (and I think maybe a little of Garden Variety too)...and Oct Aft Fly a Kite. 
Used Sketchy Thursday sketch.  Everything is poppped...the rulers, the photos...part of the title.  Really looks fun in person.